Вышел Capture One 9.1.1 c поддержкой Fuji X-Pro2 и Nikon D5


Вышел Capture One 9.1.1: добавлена поддержка Fuji X-Pro2 и Nikon D5 + исправлено множество ошибок в работе для Mac и Windows версий программы.

Полный список обновлений:

Поддержка новых камер

• Fuji X-Pro2 (предварительная, lossless компрессия не поддерживается)
• Nikon D5 (предварительная, 12 bit uncompressed не поддерживается, Live view не поддерживается)
• Sony RX-10 M3

Исправлены ошибки: Mac

• Library Tool: several stability and performance improvements, and UI fixes (both Sessions and Catalogs)
• Multi-shot images: UI fixes in Metadata Tool
• Next Capture Adjustments tool: fix some tooltips
• Batch rename: fix an issue with names containing “.”
• Crop tool: fix an issue causing the crop unit to revert to inches
• “Open With…”: fix a bug causing some localized versions of CO to prevent selecting a desired app
• AppleScript: fix an issue when setting capture paths
• Live view deformed for Sony cameras
• Fixed various crashes

Исправлены ошибки: Win

• Export Recipe settings in Export dialog not persisted after restart
• Process Recipe ICC profiles changed to Embed Camera profile after 9.1 install
• “Batch rename” is showing the wrong translation in German
• Unable to import session into catalog
• Dropdown/menu arrow shown in cursor tool selector for tools with only 1 item
• Auto adjust button missing arrow down
• Pick Curve Point cursor tool hidden
• Live view deformed for Sony cameras
• Fixed various crashes

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