Вышел Capture One 12.0.1 с поддержкой Canon RF 50mm f/1.2L и исправленными ошибками в работе.


Phase One выпустили первое обновление для Capture One 12. В версию 12.0.1 разработчики добавили профиль Canon RF 50mm f/1.2L USM и исправили ошибки в работе программы.

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Полный список обновлений:

Поддержка новых объективов

• Canon RF 50mm f/1.2L USM

Исправлены ошибки: Mac

• Fixed an issue that sometimes resulted in a crash when switching between tools
• Fixed a crash issue when sometimes emptying Session trash
• Fixed a crash upon new album creation
• Fixed a crash when erasing/drawing part of Luma Mask
• Fixed a crash when changing cursor tool with no image selected and the Navigation Tool shown
• Fixed a crash when selecting a non-existent Output directory
• Fixed an issue where Next Capture Naming field is highlighted after switching tabs
• Fixed: Import third party catalogs option missing from Capture One Express
• Fixed: Setting custom Normalize values by right-clicking with the picker doesn’t work
• Fixed a viewer issue with proofing after composition correction
• Fixed an issue where setting format to DNG in process recipe doesn’t reset scale
• Fixed a performance issue where undo of mask point takes too long
• Fixed an issue where some tools in the viewer were disabled after workspace switch.
• Fixed an issue where mask changes are lost after processing and restarting
• Fixed an issue where watermark shows “Empty Name” if Text field is empty
• Various minor fixes for the library tool
• Updated the “Stitch with Photoshop” script to work with Adobe Photoshop 2019
• AppleScript: Fix for normalization commands failing upon variants lacking proxies
• AppleScript: Fix for export originals crash
• AppleScript: Recipe ‘pixels per inch’ sometimes causes error
• AppleScript: ‘Apply Normalize’ point vertically flipped

Исправлены ошибки: Win

• Various stability improvements
• Fixed an issue where help links points to 11 documentation
• Fixed a hang when running at 120% dpi scaling
• Fixed a UI issue when resizing floating tools
• Fixed an issue when deleting referenced folders in Catalogs
• Fixed: “Edit with” option is missing in Capture One Express
• Fixed: Menu items disappear after having Capture One in full screen
• Fixed an issue where User Collections imported from Lightroom sometimes gave empty albums in Capture One
• Fixed a UI issue in Color Editor
• Fixed an occasional occurrence of disabled sliders after re-enabling a layer
• Fixed an issue where “Show in Explorer” did not work if folder name had a comma
• Fixed an issue with Live View focus meter area when moved
• Fixed an issue with long metadata strings not displaying correctly
• Fixed an issue with the camera properties occasionally missing in camera tools
• Fixed an issue where the tool bar could not be disabled in full screen mode
• Fixed an issue where the White Balance Mode on Layers occasionally appeared blank
• Improved performance of using “Locate” on a folder in a catalog
• Fixed an issue where “EmptyName” folders were created on import for movie files
• Fixed an issue with keyboard shortcuts not working after a left click inside empty batch queue
• Fixed an issue where rating during import makes thumbnails to not appear
• Fixed the logic when using “Does not contain” in IPTC filters

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